De La Salle College Waterford

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De La Salle College, Waterford

16 May 2017

Message to Parents

Re: Recent media reports concerning an alleged incident in De La Salle College Waterford.

The Board of Management of De La Salle College Waterford wishes to state that following rumours

circulating last Thursday evening, 12 May, the Gardaí were contacted immediately by the principal

and came to the school on Friday morning to investigate the rumours in circulation.

The board wishes to state the following:

1. The report on the WLR 6.00pm news bulletin last Friday evening 12 May which indicated

that a gun had been brought into De La Salle College by a student was totally untrue. The

reporter concerned has since apologised for broadcasting inaccurate information.

2. The report in the Irish Daily Mail on Monday morning, 15 May also contained a number of


  • The Gardaí did not “stop a boy at the school gate over a web post” as stated by the Irish Daily Mail;
  • A Garda did speak to a student in the school on Friday morning in the presence of his parents but did not question him in the school grounds as stated in the report;
  • The Gardaí did not search him, as was alleged by the Irish Daily Mail report; It is totally untrue that “the boy made a number of threats in a video which had been posted on Facebook the previous night”;
  • No gun of any sort was ever brought into the school.

3. The reports on posted on Tuesday, 16 May also contained a number of


  • The student did not make any threats in a social media video;
  • The student did not remain in the school last Friday but was requested to go home with his parents at 11.00am

Investigations by the school authorities are ongoing and the school’s solicitors have been consulted

in relation to the inaccurate media reports.

The Board of Management of De La Salle College Waterford is very concerned for the well-being of

the student concerned and for other students and staff who may be affected by this incident.

Mission Statement

“De La Salle College, Waterford, is an all-boys Catholic school. It is a learning community where all students are valued and educated in preparation for a meaningful life”. 

The purpose of this College is to give a human and Christian education to the young. Inspired by the vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle, the Lasallian school prepares young people to take a mature and productive place in society, and the church as free and responsible citizens.



De La Salle College, Waterford was founded in 1892 by the De La Salle Brothers and serves as a Catholic school for boys. The aim of De La Salle College is to develop an atmosphere of friendliness, discipline and co-operation where everyone can experience respect, encouragement and support. While every school is a community in which adults and young people live and work together, the Lasallian school is inspired by the vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle, that Gospel values must permeate the life of a Christian school in such a way that students internalise those values and reflect then in their behaviour. 

All who work in the College constantly strive to make De La Salle College a welcoming institution. Our behaviour management strategies and pastoral care structures are built on the principles of justice and fairness. We endeavour to fulfill our mission in partnership with parents/guardians, staff, students, trustees and the community.

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students,

I feel very privileged to be the Principal of De La Salle College, which is under the trusteeship of Le Cheile in the La Sallian tradition – a school which has such a rich tradition of excellence in teaching and extra-curricular activities. I am particularly proud to lead a committed staff who take pride in their professionalism and in their students. A large part of the school’s success has been the strong partnership that exists between the school, parents/guardians and the local community.

De La Salle College is an inclusive Catholic school that welcomes students of all faith traditions and of no faith tradition, students of all abilities, those who are academically gifted and those with talents in other areas. 

When you become a De La Salle student you join a community that includes De La Salle Brothers, teachers, SNAs and auxiliary staff who really care about you – your academic and personal success, your intellectual and spiritual growth and your potential to make a positive difference in the world. Through our commitment, opportunities are provided for our students to enhance their self-esteem, develop leadership, a sense of responsibility, respect for authority and a spirit of loyalty.

The College strives to support and develop initiative, self-confidence and the ability to work independently. Excellence in the academic, cultural, musical and sporting areas is encouraged, recognised and celebrated. In the La Sallian tradition, guided by our founder Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, the student is at the centre of all that we do. With this in mind there is a strong pastoral care programme in place. Our pastoral care system supports student development by creating an environment in harmony with the vision and Catholic values of the College, enthusiastically pursuing excellence within each student’s capabilities, establishing and maintaining quality relationships and providing leadership opportunities at all levels.

Students are encouraged to constantly seek and speak the truth and to strive for justice in our world. These values are very important for our boys and it is hoped that where boys learn in an environment that respects and accepts these values they will shape their lives according to these values. Close and valuable relationships are established within the school to help students develop qualities that are important both at school and later in life – qualities such as enthusiasm, commitment, independence, competence, loyalty, cooperation and collaboration.

My wish for all our students is that they will all reach their potential by using their many talents and skills and that they will look back on their school days in De La Salle College with fond memories. I would like to thank the parents/guardians for your continued support. Your son begins his life here in 

De La Salle College as a boy and it is our hope that he will finish his days at the College as a rounded young man who will have a passion for life, a commitment to excellence, a focus on service, a sense of community and an appreciation of God’s love.

It is our privilege here in De La Salle College to share with you the great task of educating your son to be a valuable member of the Community.


Margaret Betts, Principal

2nd Year Summer Exam Centres 2017